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Apache Module mod_authn_default

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Description:Authentication fallback module
Module Identifier:authn_default_module
Source File:mod_authn_default.c
Compatibility:Available in Apache 2.1 and later


This module is designed to be the fallback module, if you don't have configured an authentication module like mod_auth_basic. It simply rejects any credentials supplied by the user.



AuthDefaultAuthoritative Directive

Description:Sets whether authentication is passed to lower level modules
Syntax:AuthDefaultAuthoritative On|Off
Default:AuthDefaultAuthoritative On
Context:directory, .htaccess

Setting the AuthDefaultAuthoritative directive explicitly to Off allows for authentication to be passed on to lower level modules (as defined in the modules.c files).


Normally there are no lower level modules, since mod_authn_default is defined to be already on a very low level. Therefore you should leave the value of AuthDefaultAuthoritative as default (On).

Available Languages:  en  |  ja  |  ko 



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